Texas’ Effort To Speed Up Implementation Of Voter ID Law Is Irresponsible

Jan 23, 2012 Print This Post

Quick Quote From ACLU of Texas’ Executive Director Terri Burke


Contact: Kirsten Bokenkamp, Senior Communications Strategist, ACLU of Texas, (832) 691-7013 or (713) 942-8146 x 109; kbokenkamp@aclutx.org

HOUSTON – “The fact that the state of Texas filed a federal lawsuit to speed up implementation of the new Voter ID law is ludicrous.  The burden is on the state of Texas to prove this voter ID law will not inhibit certain groups of Texans from voting.  To shirk that responsibility shows that state lawmakers in favor of this law do not support the growth of democracy by encouraging voter participation. They want to shrink it by making it harder to vote.  The ACLU of Texas has said it before, and we say it again: There is absolutely no proof of voter fraud at the polls in Texas. This bill, from the start, was a solution to a problem that does not exist,” said Burke.