ACLU of Texas Applauds DOJ for Denying Preclearance of Texas’ Discriminatory Voter ID Law

Mar 12, 2012 Print This Post

Justice Department Says Law Would Have A Greater Negative Impact On Hispanic Voters

Contact:  Kirsten Bokenkamp, Senior Communications Strategist, ACLU of Texas, (832) 691-7013 or (713) 942-8146 x 109;

HOUSTON – The following can be attributed to Terri Burke, Executive Director of the ACLU of Texas.

“We are pleased that the Justice Department recognized the discriminatory nature of the Texas Photo Voter ID Law.  The data clearly shows that Hispanic voters are more likely to lack the necessary documentation to vote, and this law has been characterized as a return to Jim Crow.  This unconstitutional measure would have deprived the poor, the handicapped, the elderly, and many people of color of their right to vote.  But, because it was written to particularly target Hispanics, this Juan Crow version is particularly malicious.  We applaud the Justice Department for stepping in to ensure that the democratic process and the right to vote for all eligible voters is protected in Texas.”