The once-a-decade process to redraw congressional and legislative districts in Texas is officially underway. For years, politicians in Texas have used improper redistricting, or gerrymandering, to divide voting areas to give their party an unfair advantage. Through gerrymandering tactics, elected officials have made the votes of many Texans effectively meaningless.

Redistricting is not something best left to politicians to decide. In many places, these redistricting processes have become an anti-democratic procedure where politicians essentially decide who they want their voters to be. Both parties are guilty of this. In 2012, in states where Democrats controlled the redistricting process, their candidates won about 56 percent of the vote and 71 percent of the seats. In states where Republicans controlled the process, their candidates won roughly 53 percent of the vote but 72 percent of the seats.

How to act now:

  1. Sign up to testify at your local redistricting town hall.
  2. Send your testimony to the members of the House Redistricting Committee.

Every person has a vital stake in redistricting — it determines how lawmakers are elected at every level of government. When done properly, redistricting provides fair and effective representation for all. We can help achieve that goal by actively participating in the redistricting process. 

Leading up to the 2021 legislative session, we and our partners will be spreading the word about how to get involved in the redistricting process. Browse the resources at the bottom of this page to learn more about how redistricting works and how to take action.