Support: This bill would end the Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) while also continuing to fund all Texas trauma hospitals. Under the DRP, Texans convicted of certain traffic offenses are requires to pay an annual surcharge on top of court fines and criminal penalties to maintain their driver's licenses. As of January 2018, more than 1.4 millions licenses were suspended for lack of payment. 

Update 3/5/19: This bill has been referred to the House Homeland Security & Public Safety committee.

Update 4/8/19: Voted out of committee and is now awaiting a House vote.

Update 5/2/19: The House voted to pass this bill. 

Update 5/6/19: This bill has been referred to the Senate Finance committee.

Update 5/9/19: Voted out of committee and is now awaiting a Senate vote. 

Update 5/15/19: The Senate voted to pass this bill.

Update 5/23/19: The House voted to agree with the Senate's amendments to the bill. 

Update 5/29/19: This bill was sent to the Governor to sign into law. 

Update 6/14/19: The Governor signed this bill into law, effective 9/1/19. 


Rep. John Zerwas, Rep. Drew Darby, Rep. Matt Krause, Rep. Sarah Davis, Rep. Donna Howard


Bill Becomes Law


86 (R)

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