Oppose: HB 793 is an attempt to make current unconstitutional law less illegal. The bill excludes sole proprietors and smaller businesses from an anti-boycott law passed in 2017 that requires all businesses in Texas to certify that they will not boycott Israel in order to contract with the state. A federal court found the law to be unconstitutional following an ACLU of Texas challenge citing that it violates the First Amendment's protection against government intrusion into political speech and expression.  

Update 2/21/19: This bill has been referred to the House State Affairs committee.
Update 3/6/19: Voted out of committee and is now awaiting a House vote.
Update 4/11/19: The House voted to pass this bill. 
Update 4/15/19: This bill has been referred to the Senate Business & Commerce committee.
Update 5/2/19: The Senate voted to pass this bill. 
Update 5/7/19: The Governor signed this bill into law, effective immediately. 


Rep. Phil King, Rep. Craig Goldman, Rep. Sarah Davis, Rep. Tan Parker, Rep. Tom Oliverson


Bill Becomes Law


86 (R)

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