Oppose: SB 1033 (companion bill HB 2434) would be an unconstitutional hindrance to a woman’s access to abortion care. Not only would the proposal ban abortion based on a woman's reason for seeking one at any point in the pregnancy, it would inhumanely remove the severe fetal anomaly exception after 20 weeks. This means a woman would not be able to make the choice to access abortion care even in cases where the fetus is not viable. In states that have tried implementing abortion bans such as SB 1033, it has led to costly litigation and those challenges have been successful. 

Update 3/7/19: This bill has been referred to the Senate Health & Human Services committee.

Update 4/24/19: Voted out of committee and is now awaiting a Senate vote.

Update 5/7/19: The Senate voted to pass this bill.

Update 5/13/19: This bill has been referred to the House State Affairs committee. 

Update 5/17/19: Voted out of committee and is now awaiting a House vote.


Sen. Hancock, Sen. Campbell, Sen. Creighton, Sen. Hughes, Sen. Kolkhorst, Sen. Paxton, Sen. Perry, Sen. Taylor




86 (R)

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