HB 754 (Opposed): The so called "Sanctuary Cities" bill undermines public safety by turning local law enforcement agencies into a threatening immigration force and ties the hands of our communities when it comes to important local public safety decisions. Local police would turn into de facto immigration agents, damaging trust with the communities they serve and effectively sending victims and witnesses of crimes into the shadows. The bill would require jailers to interpret complicated immigration law for which they literally have no training. This package of changes would undermine community policing, waste taxpayer money, drive witnesses and victims away from law enforcement, and ultimately make us less safe.

The ACLU of Texas supports common-sense policies that encourage the economic contributions of immigrants, allow them to participate fully in society by implementing verifiable forms of identification like driving permits, and create transparent accountability measures for law enforcement agencies and border programs.


State Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Frisco)





Bill number

HB 754



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