Police in our communities shoulder a great responsibility: we rely on them to keep us and our communities safe. To do so, we give police considerable power over our day to day lives, allowing them, with the requisite legal basis, to deprive people of their liberty and even, in exceptional and limited circumstances, one’s life. It is imperative that police use their powers judiciously and fairly and that they be accountable to the communities they serve.

To help keep police accountable and transparent, we have collected information from the largest police forces in Texas on a range of different measures important to smart policing. Synopses of each metric are described below but full information can be downloaded as well. We hope this information will be useful to you in assessing whether and on what grounds the police in your community needs reform. If you’re looking to connect with advocates in your area, please email us.

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This resource was developed based on responses to Public Information Act requests submitted to departments in 2016. View our model PIA request here.

The project was inspired by the outstanding nationwide analysis conducted by Campaign Zero on body camera, police union contracts, and use of force policies for major police departments across the country. We hope that this analysis of Texas jurisdictions will support individuals and groups in these communities in their work to make change to their police practices and policies.

In some cases, we received more documents than we could analyze for the current project. All responsive documents that we received for each jurisdiction are online available for download.

Additional Details and Source Information:

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