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  1. Corporations Are Not People, Are They?

    January 22, 2006Press releaseFree Speech
  2. ACLU of Texas Dispatch - February 2006 Issue

    February 10, 2006News update
  3. New state rule adds to Bexar jail burden

    February 3, 2006Press releaseSmart Justice
  4. Continued Use of Race, Over-Use of Consent Searches Reported

    February 17, 2006Press releaseSmart Justice
  5. Racial Profiling Report Released

    February 17, 2006Press releaseRacial Justice
  6. The High Plains Chapter takes action on behalf of Question the War Amarillo group!

    March 15, 2006Press releaseSmart Justice
  7. Prison overcrowding back on agenda

    March 23, 2006Press releaseSmart Justice
  8. Activist released from Victoria County Jail

    February 17, 2006Press releaseSmart Justice
  9. Feds may take on juvenile prison predicament

    March 23, 2006Press releaseStudents' Rights
  10. Guards on the defensive

    March 19, 2006Press releaseStudents' Rights