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  1. Religious Dress in Public School

    June 1, 2012Know Your RightsYouth Rights, Religion and Belief
  2. ACLU wins fight for art portraying Eve as God created her

    October 17, 2005Press releaseReligion and Belief
  3. Intelligent Design Unconstitutional

    December 20, 2005Press releaseReligion and Belief
  4. The True Story of the 'War on Christmas'

    December 18, 2005Press releaseReligion and Belief
  5. Texas Parents Challenge Unconstitutional Bible Class in Public Schools

    May 16, 2007Press releaseReligion and Belief, Youth Rights
  6. Court Prohibits School from Punishing American Indian Student for His Long Braids

    January 22, 2009Press releaseReligion and Belief
  7. Judge Improperly Demanded Sikh American Man Take Off His "Hat" In Courtroom

    August 31, 2007Press releaseReligion and Belief
  8. Texas AG agrees with ACLU of Texas

    August 29, 2008Press releaseReligion and Belief
  9. ACLU of Texas Report Reveals Violations in School Districts that Allow Gideons Bible Distributions

    October 8, 2009Press releaseReligion and Belief
  10. Texas Supreme Court Decision Is Major Victory for Religious Freedom

    June 19, 2009Press releaseReligion and Belief


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