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  1. Feds may take on juvenile prison predicament

    March 23, 2006Press releaseStudents' Rights
  2. Guards on the defensive

    March 19, 2006Press releaseStudents' Rights
  3. Elected officials express concern over TYC abuse

    March 23, 2006Press releaseSmart Justice, Students' Rights
  4. Trouble at Evins

    March 23, 2006Press releaseSmart Justice, Students' Rights
  5. Texas Parents Challenge Unconstitutional Bible Class in Public Schools

    May 16, 2007Press releaseReligion and Belief, Students' Rights
  6. New ACLU of Texas Report Documents State Board of Education Abuse of Power

    May 13, 2010Press releaseStudents' Rights
  7. Civil Rights Coalition Tells State Board of Education To Keep Civil Rights History Accurate and Truthful

    March 10, 2010Press releaseStudents' Rights
  8. ACLU of Texas Calls on State Board of Education to Re-examine Textbook Standards Process

    April 15, 2010Press releaseStudents' Rights
  9. ACLU of Texas Calls for Change in Truancy Laws

    April 29, 2010Press releaseStudents' Rights
  10. October 26 Public Forum “Police in Schools: Are Our Children Safer?”

    October 22, 2010Press releaseStudents' Rights