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  1. Morrow v. City of Tenaha, et al.

    June 19, 2017CaseRacial Justice, Smart Justice
  2. Texas v. Mason

    June 4, 2018CaseSmart Justice, Voting Rights
  3. Booth v. Galveston County, et al.

    April 23, 2018CaseSmart Justice
  4. Unconstitutional Debtors’ Prison Lawsuit: Santa Fe and Hitchcock

    November 3, 2016CaseSmart Justice
  5. Texas v. Robert Ladd

    January 28, 2015CaseSmart Justice
  6. State of Texas v. Max Soffar

    February 23, 2015CaseSmart Justice
  7. Daves v. Dallas County

    January 19, 2018CaseSmart Justice
  8. Jane Doe v. El Paso Hospital District, et al

    July 21, 2016CaseImmigrants' Rights, Smart Justice
  9. Tammy Kohr, et al. v. City of Houston

    September 13, 2019CaseSmart Justice

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