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  1. Tom Hargis

    May 1, 2013News update
  2. Erica Sanchez

    April 14, 2013News update
  3. Sign up for E-mail Alerts

    July 16, 2013News update
  4. Satinder Singh

    October 1, 2013News update
  5. ACLU-TX Seeking Volunteer Receptionist

    December 4, 2013News update
  6. Geoffrey A. Hoffman, Using the Deportation Power to Threaten Free Speech

    January 14, 2013News updateFree Speech, Immigrants' Rights
  7. First MSM coverage of push to require warrants for GPS tracking by law enforcement

    January 14, 2013News updatePrivacy and Technology, Students' Rights
  8. Highlights from 2013 the Symposium

    February 19, 2013News updateImmigrants' Rights, Smart Justice
  9. Dawson State Jail targeted for closure by, well, everyone

    February 27, 2013News updateSmart Justice
  10. Attack Bills Make Women’s Health A Political Weapon

    March 14, 2013News update