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  1. ARIC Gains Accountability, But More Yet To Be Done

    June 1, 2010News updatePrivacy and Technology
  2. What You May Not Know About RFID

    October 13, 2010News updatePrivacy and Technology
  3. The TSA Is Messing With Texans

    November 19, 2010News updatePrivacy and Technology
  4. Privacy Rights Must Keep Pace with Technology

    January 18, 2011News updatePrivacy and Technology
  5. The Good and the Bad from the 82nd Legislature

    July 7, 2011News updateFree Speech, Immigrants' Rights, Privacy and Technology, Students' Rights
  6. Does DPS have any business tracking your prescription drugs?

    March 12, 2012News updatePrivacy and Technology
  7. #TextsFromHillary Contest Winners!

    April 19, 2012News updatePrivacy and Technology
  8. Drug testing #TANF applicants is wrong. Here's why!

    November 19, 2012News updateSmart Justice, Privacy and Technology, Students' Rights
  9. Opt Out of Invasive Programs: RFID in Texas Schools

    November 19, 2012News updatePrivacy and Technology, Students' Rights
  10. First MSM coverage of push to require warrants for GPS tracking by law enforcement

    January 14, 2013News updatePrivacy and Technology, Students' Rights


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