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  1. This Week at the Lege: Photo Voter ID

    January 24, 2011News updateVoting Rights
  2. The REAL Voting Problem in Texas

    March 15, 2011News updateVoting Rights
  3. Voter ID: Texas Didn’t Get it Right, but we Hope the DOJ Will

    November 22, 2011News updateVoting Rights
  4. Our most fundamental right is in jeopardy

    December 12, 2011News updateVoting Rights
  5. Standing up for Voting Rights Again: DOJ Objects to Texas' Discriminatory Voter ID Law

    March 12, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  6. No Evidence of Voter Fraud at the Polls

    March 28, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  7. From undermining democracy to increasing mass incarceration, ALEC has got it covered

    April 6, 2012News updateImmigrants' Rights, Smart Justice, Voting Rights
  8. Court Rules Arizona’s Law Restricting Voter Access is Unconstitutional

    April 18, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  9. Know Your Rights at the Polls

    May 22, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  10. A Hesitant Celebration of the Voting Rights Act's 50th Anniversary

    August 7, 2015News updateVoting Rights