Inspired by Anthony Graves, a.k.a Death Row Exoneree #138, the Smart Justice Speakers Bureau is an initiative to help individuals who have experienced incarceration advocate for reforming our broken criminal justice system. This new ACLU of Texas-TSU certificate program will train TSU continuing education students who have been directly affected by the broken system to advocate in public forums, at local council meetings, and at the state legislature. The partnership is the first program of its kind in the country.

The class schedule will run for 12 weeks starting in on January 25. Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • display confidence when speaking in informal and formal settings;
  • understand how to research, outline, write, and deliver informal and formal speeches;
  • understand how to use the internet, social media, and digital technology as communication tools;
  • understand how to speak to the media in multiple settings.

Applications for the first cohort of students will open soon. If you are interested in joining the program, please contact Blair Wallace by email or by phone at 713-942-8146 x1033.