Students shouldn’t fear going back to school.

Most of us have all been on the receiving end of bullying at least once, but that doesn’t mean we should let today’s youth continue to be bullied, and the Texas Legislature agrees!

State lawmakers passed a law creating new guidelines concerning bullying which school districts must implement by the time school starts this fall.

The new law requires school boards to adopt policies that:

  • prohibit bullying
  • stop retaliation against any person including a victim, witness, or another person, who in good faith, provides information concerning a bullying incident.

The new law requires schools to:

  • notify a parent or guardian of a student who is bullying or bullied within a reasonable amount of time after the incident
  • provide steps students should take to obtain assistance and intervention in response to bullying
  • make available counseling options for a student who is victim of or a witness to bullying or who engages in bullying
  • establish procedures for reporting bullying, investigating reports of bullying, and determining whether bullying occurred
  • prohibit punishment of a student who, after an investigation is found to have been a victim of bullying, use reasonable self-defense in response to the bullying
  • develop a process for bullying cases involving special education students in accordance with the Disabilities Education Act.

Parents and guardians no longer have to worry about being in the dark if bullying happens or students being punished for self-defense against bullies!

Help us protect youth rights by joining the ACLU of Texas CAN (Community Action Network). We need people like you to raise awareness in your town!

3 thoughts on “Students shouldn’t fear going back to school.”

  1. Outstanding!
    I was punished for finally getting the courage to fight back when I was in High School, and it felt like i was totally powerless after that. No one stopped the attacks, and I was not allowed to defend myself.
    Lose-lose situation.
    I dont believe in fighting in school, but neither do I believe in being a rug for someone to wipe their dirty feet on.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Bravo! Thank you for standing up for kids who can’t and for those who are/were afraid to do it for themselves. I wish this had been in place when I was young, but am glad that my children have a great weapon against potential bullies. Thank you caring, and for all that you do!!

  3. This is wonderful. Ive often wonder why a child would be punished for defending themselves. We have the right to defend ourselves and so do our children but schools dont agree they punish both students whats that say to the victim of the abuse. To bad all the schools in all states dont follow texas. this should be a federal mandate for all schools in America so every child can be free of this torment. Children suffer and dont say anything to avoid being punished with the bully this is why they commit suicide as no ones there to help them and if they help themselves then in the past and in many states they to are punished. GO TEXAS on this one! Now if you can only stop putting so many people in your terrible jail and stop being ranked number one out of all states for amounts of people incarcerated.

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