Border Rights

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The ACLU of Texas is dedicated to reclaiming constitutional and civil rights for all Texans, regardless of immigration status. In the Rio Grande Valley residents face increasingly militarized local and federal law-enforcement agencies that unfairly target immigrants or those perceived to be immigrants.

¡Levanta tu voz! La ACLU apoya una reforma migratoria justa para todos. Únete a la campaña en apoyo a los derechos del inmigrante.


Exposing Abuses at the Border (Campaign overview, September 2013)

Luchando Contra Los Abusos En La Frontera De Texas-México (Campaign overview, January 2014)

Operation Border Star: Wasted Millions and Missed Opportunities (Report, March 2009)

Missing the Mark (Report, December 2009) (Website) (Website)

More Immigrants’ Rights resources available on our national website:

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