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From your local school board all the way to the White House, it’s important today’s decision-makers hear from you. The ACLU of Texas works in the courts, in the legislature and in the court of public opinion to help preserve basic liberties for all in our state and in the country. But none of this work is possible without your help. Please take a moment to let your voice be heard.

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Fair Sentencing

death penalty

Support policies that keep non-violent offenders out of jail and ensure that the punishment fits the crime. Send a letter to your legislators.

Texas Wins


We joined a diverse statewide coalition of Texans who are committed to demonstrating true Texas values and protecting all Texans from discrimination.

Community Empowerment Network


We rely on people like you to be our eyes and ears on the ground. Real, lasting change can only happen when we stand up for our civil liberties, one person, one community at a time.

Justice for Marlise


Tell your legislators to make sure no law can interfere with a doctor or hospital’s ability to give care again.

Stop Anti-LGBT Legislation

Stop the Indiana-style discrimination firestorm from coming to Texas. Tell your representative to reject bills that discriminate against LGBT people.

Marijuana Fine, Not Jail Time

Texas is considering bills to decriminalize and legalize marijuana. This is a huge first step toward ending Texas’ practice of targeting communities of color for low-level drug offenses. Tell your representative you support marijuana law reform.

Your Right to Vote

voting rights

Are you unable to vote? If you’ve been turned away because of your voter ID, tell us about it.

Border Harassment

border harassment

Have you or has someone you know been harassed and mistreated by Customs and Border Protection? If so, please tell us about the experience.

Prayer at Graduation

graduation prayer

Every year during graduation season the ACLU of Texas receives complaints about school sponsored prayer. If you were uncomfortable at your graduation service because of religious content, please let us know.

Bring Marriage Equality to Texas


We face an unprecedented opportunity to achieve the freedom to marry for same-sex couples throughout the state. But marriage equality won’t be complete without protections from discrimination. Pledge to help make Texas a safe place to be out and free.

Test Your Knowledge

Youth Rights Quiz

Youth rights quiz

Think you know all about students’ rights in and out of school? Thank this quiz to test your knowledge.

Religious Freedom Quiz

religous freedom

Think you know all about the role of religious liberty in American history? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of our Founders’ views on religion.

Over-Incarceration Nation


Find out how much more Texas spends on incarceration than on education, the disproportionate impact on African Americans, and how many prisoners in Texas jails have never even been convicted of the crime they are held for!

Marijuana Arrests


Texas police have a drug problem and black Texans are paying for it. Find out why Texas is second in the nation in total arrests for marijuana possession.

Guarantee freedom for all.

Chip in to help protect all of our rights and liberties.

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