Poll Monitor

You can help protect our right to vote.

Nonpartisan poll monitors in Texas ensure eligible voters know how to cast their ballots and that their votes are counted.

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Whether it's your first time voting or your tenth, the process isn't as clear as it should be, especially here in Texas. Luckily, we all have a role we can play in making sure every eligible voter knows how to cast a ballot. Poll monitors are the first line of defense if questions or issues come up at a polling location.

Poll monitor steps

There are three simple steps to serving as a poll monitor:

  1. Get trained: Attend a free online training so you feel confident and prepared.
  2. Sign up: Select a time and polling location that are convenient for you.
  3. Show up: Come ready to help your neighbors make their voices heard.

When Texans protect the right to vote, we're able to advocate for the needs of our communities and the dreams of future generations.

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