Voting and the right to vote are a bedrock of democracy. No rightful voter should be denied the opportunity to make their voice heard. And no voter should be afraid to vote because of intimidating poll watchers or the threat of going to jail for making an honest mistake.

Yet, Texas is one of the most difficult places to cast a ballot — and Texas politicians continue to make voting even harder. In 2021, lawmakers passed legislation that added unnecessary obstacles to voting; limited early voting; empowered poll watchers to disrupt polling places; created a host of new criminal laws to intimidate participation in the voting process; and erected barriers to helping voters with disabilities and those who need language assistance. New vote-by-mail rules have already caused mail ballot applications to be rejected, especially among Black voters

The ACLU of Texas fights these anti-voter laws in the legislature and in court. We advocate for fair electoral maps that don't dilute the voting power of communities of color. We represent people caught up in the legal system because of harsh penalties for, at worst, honest mistakes while voting. We work with partners to run the largest non-partisan poll-monitoring program in the state. We join millions of Texans in the fight to ensure that someday, every Texan’s voice will be heard.