Equity Officer


Board of Directors

Bilal Ayub has been passionate about nonprofit leadership and community organizing since high school. He believes that the standard of leadership in emerging communities can always be raised and, as a marketing professional, that all programming can benefit from a bit of thoughtful rebranding and renewed execution. On the operational board of the Islamic Art Revival Series, Bilal helped not just by strategizing, but actually executing powerful grant and partnership proposals. This work ultimately led to a direct collaboration with the Dallas Museum of Art and record-breaking turnout at the grand opening of the third largest collection of Islamic Art in North America.

More recently, Bilal shifted his focus toward a complete transformation of the board of Alpha Lambda Mu, the only Muslim fraternity in the U.S. He oversaw the transition of founding leadership towards an oversight role, built a platform for the capacity-building of new leaders, and addressed the ongoing challenge of building a sustainable advisory board comprised of national partners.

In Bilal’s professional life, he takes pride in being a general practitioner of digital products, or “full-stack.” He understands the breadth of what goes into new business strategy and effective execution. Bilal spent three years specially focused on building up a product management workflow in a 300% year-over-year revenue growth startup where no product process previously existed. Bilal’s standard for any organization is nothing short of spiritual excellence.