Michele Villarreal-Chandy


Major Gift Officer



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Michele Villarreal-Chandy started with the ACLU of Texas in June 2019. She has an extensive background in fundraising, community relations, and corporate partnerships.

Michele began her humanitarian career in 2009 helping newly arrived refugee families rebuild their lives in Texas. Having been a student fundraiser at Baylor University, Michele quickly began applying her fundraising skills in her casework role to raise critical funds which ultimately landed her in an official development role. After a brief absence from the non-profit world, Michele did a lot of soul searching on the kind of fundraiser she wanted to be. Finally, as a major gifts officer for ACLU of Texas, Michele is able to participate in the community-centric fundraising style and lead donors to the causes that affect them or their neighbors through an equitable and social justice lens.

Michele also has a master of science degree in international political economy from the University of Texas at Dallas.