Defending Texas Voters at the 87th Regular Session

Texas is already the hardest state in the country to vote. During the Texas Legislature's 87th Regular Session, our elected officials tried to make it even harder — and scarier — to participate in elections, especially for communities of color and people with disabilities. The legislative session ended with a dramatic walkout by Democratic lawmakers that prevented some of the worst anti-voter legislation from getting a vote.

Updates on Voter Suppression Legislation during the 87th Regular Session

  • May 29: See our analysis on what was included in the final draft of SB 7. 
  • May 13: Read our latest analysis on the key provisions and differences between the various versions of Senate Bill 7. 
  • May 8: More than 50 restrictive anti-voter bills are snaking their way through the Texas Legislature. Together we can amplify our voices against this egregious legislation. Join us Saturday, May 8, as we rally for our voting rights.
  • May 7: Under cover of darkness, members of the Texas House voted to pass Senate Bill 7 with little input from the public. Read our statement on how the bill would limit voting access and criminalize voting processes, making it harder for marginalized Texans to participate in elections.
  • April 28: Read our blog on the big impact big business is having on the fight for voting rights. 
  • April 26: Some Texas lawmakers just aren’t telling the truth about harmful voter suppression bills HB 6 and SB 7. Read about the three big lies that anti-voting rights lawmakers keep claiming about these bills.
  • April 21: The ACLU of Texas has joined more than 60 organizations to call out blatant voter suppression tactics at the Texas Legislature. Read our position statements on HB 6 and SB 7, two democracy-threatening efforts that would prevent disabled Texans, people of color, and others from voting.
  • April 12: Some Texas lawmakers continue to cite false information to justify voter suppression bills. Read our brief on why their data is wrong. 
  • April 8: Read our brief on how House Bill 6 amends the election code in ways that are clearly voter suppression. 
  • April 7: There are over a dozen bills being heard in the House Elections Committee on April 8. Read our blog to learn how they all chip away at Texans' right to vote. 
  • April 5: Read more about how SB 7 and HB 6 disenfranchise voters. 
  • March 24: Read our analysis of racial disparities in prosecutions by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Election Integrity Unit.