We live in a proud community where English isn’t always the language spoken. Our families, culture, food, and livelihoods are all shaped by our binational culture in El Paso, our relationship to the border and our neighbors in Chihuahua.

One year ago, a white supremacist took 23 lives from our communtiy. President Trump helped make our city a target with his racist rhetoric and his vicious, xenophobic policies. As unsafe as this attack has made us feel in our own skin, this is not new. It isn’t new. This is not new. Black and brown people have always been the most dehumanized in cities throughout the U.S.

In the face of this tragedy, our community remained united — refusing to be broken, refusing to let hate win — and cities across the country held vigils and protests against Trump’s agenda and against the deadly racism that devastated our community on August 3, 2019.

Ante esta tragedia, nuestra comunidad se ha mantenido unida, resistiendo y rehusandose a que gane el odio. Tanto aquí como en ciudades de todo el país se llevaron a cabo vigilias y protestas, en contra de la agenda de Trump y en contra el racismo mortal que devastó nuestras comunidades el 3 de agosto, 2019.

But the fight is far from over. The same bigotry and white nationalism that brought devastation to our beloved community rages on. In the midst  of a global pandemic, we have seen more Black lives lost at the hands of law enforcement; thousands of migrants denied their right to seek asylum; children are being held captive in hotels and denied phone calls to their parents; protestors snatched from demonstrations; and federal forces occupying cities both near and far from the border to repress dissent. 

El odio todavía no gana. El movimiento Black Lives Matter ha salido a la calle en protesta. Millones están exigiendo el fin de la brutalidad policial y pidiendo justicia racial frente a la supremacía blanca. Juntos, debemos defender nuestros derechos y los derechos de todas las comunidades bajo ataque: negras, morenos, queer, all marginalized communities.

Because we will never let one hateful and racist act define El Paso or rob us of our culture and what makes us unique. All around the world people are marching. All around the world people are demanding change. But we must continue to rise. Usaremos nuestras voces para seguir luchando.

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