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Stephen Wilson, ACLU of Texas, 713-870-4107,

April 24, 2019

DALLAS – The Dallas City Council today voted unanimously to approve reforms to police oversight in the city, with changes to the Citizen Police Review Board – renamed the Community Police Oversight Board and given expanded powers – and the creation of an Office of Police Oversight within the City Manager’s office.

The ACLU of Texas celebrated today’s vote, with ACLU of Texas Smart Justice Field Manager Dominique Walker stating:

“Today’s unanimous approval of these reforms is an important step toward a more just criminal justice system in Dallas. Police oversight matters – having a community board with real oversight authority will help ensure that officers are held accountable for violence and misconduct. We are grateful to the city council members who adopted this measure, and most importantly, to the Dallas Community Police Oversight Coalition for their tireless work with the Dallas Police Department and city government to craft this proposal and create a more just and fair Dallas.”