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Matt Levin, ACLU of Texas, [email protected]

July 9, 2021

HOUSTON — The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and Nicole DeBorde Hochglaube are representing Hervis Rogers, a Houston man facing charges for voting while on parole after waiting more than six hours in line to cast his ballot in March 2020. Rogers was arrested on Wednesday and is now in Montgomery County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

The following quote can be attributed to Andre Segura, legal director of the ACLU of Texas:

“The arrest and prosecution of Mr. Rogers should alarm all Texans. He waited in line for over six hours to vote to fulfill what he believed to be his civic duty, and is now locked up on a bail amount that most people could not afford. He faces potentially decades in jail. Our laws should not intimidate people from voting by increasing the risk of prosecution for, at worst, innocent mistakes. We will continue to fight for justice for Mr. Rogers and will push back against efforts to further restrict voting rights.”