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September 27, 2017

HOUSTON — Yesterday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a ruling that upheld certain parts of the SB4 injunction issued by a federal district court, and let other parts go into effect.

“This is still largely a victory for immigrant communities and local law enforcement who have stood up to Texas’s SB4,” said Andre Segura, legal director for the ACLU of Texas. “The Fifth Circuit continued the injunction against the provision of SB4 that would have severely penalized local agencies for ‘materially limiting’ the circumstances in which it decides to assist or cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. Localities can continue to place common sense limitations on when they will cooperate with ICE and CBP. Law enforcement officials throughout the state have repeatedly stated that they need to retain the ability to determine how best to use their own resources and how to ensure that victims and witnesses feel comfortable coming forward. Contrary to Governor Abbott and AG Paxton’s wishes, local officers are not conscripted to abide by every wish of Trump’s deportation force.”

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