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March 26, 2019

AUSTIN — The Texas House of Representatives today passed House Bill 1389 (HB 1389), which would create opportunities for community-based alternative sentencing for people who are the main caretakers of young children. Currently, there are nearly 13,000 women incarcerated in Texas, and 64% of the mothers in the system are the main caretakers of their minor children.

“The Texas House of Representatives is putting families first in passing House Bill 1389,” said Lauren Johnson, smart justice outreach coordinator for the ACLU of Texas. “Too many women lose their children as a result of short prison sentences when they could have been better served under community supervision to allow families to stay together. With this legislation, we have an opportunity to positively impact families touched by the criminal justice system, instead of simply warehousing parents. We urge the Texas Senate to follow in these footsteps and take a chance on Texas families.”

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