From the Equal Justice Center:

Workers' Rights Are Human Rights:  A Community Forum

  • Monday, October 17, 2005
  • 6:00-7:00 Reception
  • 7:00-8:00 Forum
  • University Presbyterian Church
  • 2203 San Antonio
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Austin

Working men and women from Central Texas will bear witness to labor and human rights violations they have faced at work.  The Forum will also spotlight some of the pioneering strategies now being implemented here in Central Texas to improve human rights at work, and how Central Texans can get involved, through their community organizations, their congregations, and as individuals.

Leading experts on human rights, labor rights, and community values that will participate:

  • David Bonior, former Congressional leader, Board Chair of American Rights at Work, one of the nation's leading labor and social justice advocates;
  • Harley Shaiken, Professor and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, distinguished labor and human rights scholar.
  • Maria Adela Mejia Perez, Union organizer from the Guatemalan apparel industry and leading figure in the Central American workers' rights movement.
  • Veronique Marleau, international labor rights expert, consultant to the International Labor Organization, and former member of the Canadian Labor Relations Board.
  • Ray Marshall, former Secretary of Labor, under the Carter Administration
  • Pastor Karl Gronberg, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas
  • Rep. Dawnna Dukes, State Representative District 46
  • Rev. Tom Vandestadt, Congregational Church of Austin
  • Becky Moeller, Secretary-Treasurer TexasAFL-CIO

More information at the Equal Justice Center's website.