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CONTACT: Kristi Gross, ACLU of Texas, [email protected]

June 15, 2023

AUSTIN, Texas — Governor Greg Abbott signed into law Wednesday evening House Bill 2127, which severely limits the power local cities and counties to govern themselves in eight industries including the regulation of labor, finance, and environmental standards.

Local municipalities have criticized H.B. 2127 for undermining “Home Rule” regarding city authority in the Texas Constitution.

The following quote can be attributed to Lauren Johnson, policy & advocacy strategist at the ACLU of Texas:

“Gov. Abbott just signed into law a sweeping package of anti-worker regulations. These preemption laws give excessive authority to the state which has shown no concern for the needs of working class Texans. The legislation strips power from local elected officials to enforce ordinances that can range from safety regulations at the workplace to renter evictions to environmental protections.

“The same Texas politicians who keep trying to suppress our vote are now subverting it by seizing control over a wide range of local decisions.”