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Matt Levin, ACLU of Texas, [email protected]

May 7, 2023

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — At least seven people died and more were injured after a motorist ran over pedestrians in front of a shelter for migrants and unhoused people in Brownsville at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The following quote can be attributed to Oni Blair, executive director of the ACLU of Texas:

“We grieve for the victims in Brownsville, Texas, who were run over outside a migrant shelter where people from around the world are seeking asylum and safety. We understand the motive is still under investigation. This horrific event comes after weeks of escalating anti-immigrant policy-making by Texas politicians and while the Biden administration considers imposing a new asylum ban aimed at deterring, rather than welcoming, migrants seeking protection.

President Biden, Texas Gov. Abbott, and other elected officials continue to spread fear about immigration instead of treating the needs of people crossing the border as a humanitarian matter. We call on federal, state, and local governments to take immediate action to protect migrants and to lead with compassion. That includes ensuring witnesses of the alleged attack can come forward without fear of deportation or reprisals.

No matter where we live or how long we’ve been there, every person in Texas should feel safe going about our daily lives.”