The ACLU of Texas filed a public information act request with every known state and local agency in Texas that reportedly requested Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel or assets in response to recent protests. Last month, a leaked CBP document revealed a long list of purported requests from across the country--including at least 11 state and local agencies in Texas--for CBP personnel and assets in response to protests following the murder of George Floyd.

These requests for CBP personnel and assets are highly concerning in light of the agency's long history of abuse, violence, and human rights violations. Inviting these agents and resources into communities is a mistake that risks the lives of even more Black and Brown people. Inviting them to deploy to protests against law enforcement brutality risks chilling the exercise of First Amendment rights. Every single Texas law enforcement agency that has invited CBP into our communities must be held accountable. That is why we are demanding each turn over all information related to requests for and deployment of CBP personnel and/or assets to their jurisdictions.