Systemic Equality: Extend Empowerment

Barriers to full participation in the democratic process undermine Black and Brown voters’ true political power in Texas, ultimately denying their right to elect candidates who can enact policies that enable equality.

  • Ending the attack on Black voters: Our fight to protect the voting rights of all Texans continues with our defense of Crystal Mason, a Fort Worth mother turned voting rights advocate, who was charged with illegal voting in 2016. Mason was sentenced to five years in prison for casting a provisional ballot that was never counted. White men in similar cases did not face equally harsh sentencing, highlighting the need to keep a watchful eye on voting policy in Texas
  • Democracy Restoration in Voting and Elections (DRIVE) Act: To fight against voter suppression, especially in Black communities, we must increase accessibility to the polls. This state legislation would allow more flexibility in how a county can run their elections (including drive-thru voting) and ultimately encourage more Texans to vote and vote safely. 
  • Voter education: When Texans vote, democracy wins. Black and Latinx voters are often disenfranchised and need safe access to the polls, ample voting options and accurate information in order to engage in every election. Protecting the right to vote is more important than ever, especially during the pandemic