This toolkit is designed to help students, parents, guardians, and advocates seek full equality and dignity for LGBTQIA+ students in Texas schools. Across the state, tens of thousands of LGBTQIA+ students are learning and thriving as their true and authentic selves, with the support of countless teachers, counselors, school administrators, coaches, and staff. But we know that it’s not easy being openly LGBTQIA+ in Texas schools, and it’s especially difficult for students who are transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse.

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Across the state, among LGBTQIA+ students:

  • 40% report hearing school staff make negative remarks about someone’s gender expression.
  • 74% report experiencing verbal harassment due to sexual orientation.
  • 59% report experiencing verbal harassment due to gender expression.
  • Over a quarter of students experience physical harassment due to gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation.
  • Over a third of LGBTQIA+ students (36%) and over half of transgender students (58%) have been prevented from using their gender-affirming name or pronouns in school.

The purpose of this toolkit is to make Texas schools safer and more affirming by giving you the tools you need to fight against discrimination. Visit to learn more and download the resource.