By Tracey Hayes ACLU of Texas Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator Interested in Youth Lege Team? Sign up or get more info by contacting Tracey at or 512.478.7300 x 124 The ACLU of Texas is looking for a few enthusiastic, hard-working, savvy teens to join our Youth Lege Team. We are offering a legislative training program for teens 15 and older. They may join with our other experienced volunteers and our professional advocates to influence lawmakers in the 2011 legislative session. Our program meets the fourth Sunday of each month at 2 p.m., at the offices of the ACLU of Texas in Austin. If you know teens who may be interested in this program, please have them contact us and we’ll welcome them to the team. Through our training, we demystify the legislative process (as much as anyone can) and teach youth the proper ways to advocate on issues that matter to them. When the legislative session begins, we will support the efforts of our youth advocates if they choose to apply their skills during the legislative session. Here’s a link to our Bill Book (PDF) outlining our legislative agenda for the previous session to give you some idea of our issues.