By Gislaine Williams Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

The White House LGBT Conference on Safe Schools and Communities brought together educators, law enforcement, social service providers and community advocates to talk about the strategies being used to address violence and harassment against the LGBT community. Check out our live tweets during the event below.

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@whitehouse #lgbt conference starting in Arlington with Fairness Fort Worth, UTA president and Guatam Raghavan of whitehouse.
#whlgbt DOJ community relations Services helps build relationships between community and law enforcement
US Attorney Saldaño asks community to report incidents, violence against lgbt community often a hidden crime #whlgbt
#whlgbt Rupert of natl lesbian rights: still many challenges to reporting, transgender sex workers are scared to report violence
Rupert of @nclrights can't separate racial justice from lgbt rights #whlgbt
#whlgbt conference Safe Schools panel includes @glsen @thejusticedept @usedgov and human rights campaign
#whlgbt Kosciw from @glsen says hostile school environment created by pervasive homophobic remarks like "that's so gay"
#whlgbt Yudin of @usedgov: 90% LGBT students verbally harassed
#whlgbt Cummings of civil rights division, US DoJ bullying occurs because of overall hostile climate. Need training for all school personell
#whlgbt Cummings of DOJ: Proper to response to harassment not always discipline. Promote education & training.
Looking forward to hearing Joel Burns, Eric Holder at #whlgbt conference.
Watch it Live! #WHLGBT Conference on safe schools and communities at @utarlington
Joel Burns shares personal experience with bullying. Celebrating 19th wedding anniversary with his husband today. #whlgbt
Valerie Jarrett, senior Obama advisor: schools have moral and legal obligation to protect students from harassment #whlgbt
Holder: schools failing to address bullying are ignoring civil rights protections #whlgbt
"We look forward to progress that we can and must achieve," Holder at #whlgbt conference
Small group discussion: both adults & students need education about bullying & we need holistic approach like PBIS to end bullying #whlgbt
DeptofEd and DOJ recognize role of school-to-prison pipeline. "Discipline is just part of answer-goal is to stop harassment." #whlgbt
Judy Shepard closes #whlgbt conference