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Voter Suppression Tactics Continue During Special Session

Texas is already the hardest state in the country to vote. And during the regular legislative session that closed at the end of May 2021, Texas led the country in the number of restrictive voting bills introduced with 49 bills. The two most egregious bills, Senate Bill 7 and House Bill 6, did not become law thanks to the efforts of voting rights advocates and some courageous lawmakers who walked out before the vote denying a full quorum. 

That hasn't stopped our elected officials from continuing to try to make it harder — and scarier — to participate in elections, especially for communities of color and people with disabilities. Now Gov. Greg Abbott has re-introduced voting as a priority issue during the current special session. It is still essential and urgent for Texans to push back and defend the right to vote. 

This page is designed to provide our supporters, donors, the business community, and the general public about the ACLU of Texas’ work to block these voter suppression bills, and to provide dynamic updates as bills move through the special session. Please bookmark and check this page regularly for updates and the latest media coverage.

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The Latest Updates on Voter Suppression Legislation in Texas

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