Defend Texas Voters

Texas is already the hardest state in the country to vote. But that hasn't stopped our state's elected officials from trying to make it even harder — and scarier — to participate in elections, especially for communities of color. Texas now leads the country in the number of restrictive voting bills introduced at the state legislature with 49 bills. That's not a No. 1 spot we should be proud of. 

While the House and Senate rush to pass restrictive voting bills out of each chamber, mainly Senate Bill 7 and House Bill 6, it's both essential and urgent for Texans to stand up and defend the right to vote in our state. 

This page is designed to provide our supporters, donors, the business community and the general public about the ACLU of Texas’ work to block these voter suppression bills, and to provide dynamic updates as the bills move through the Texas Legislature. Please bookmark and check this page regularly for updates and the latest media coverage.

The Latest Updates on Voter Suppression Legislation in Texas

  • April 12: Some Texas lawmakers continue to cite false information to justify voter suppression bills. Read our latest brief on why their data is wrong. 
  • April 8: Read our brief on how House Bill 6 amends the election code in ways that are clearly voter suppression. 
  • April 7: There are over a dozen bills being heard in the House Elections Committe on April 8. Read our newest blog to learn how they all chip away at Texans' right to vote. 
  • April 5: Read more about how SB 7 and HB 6 disenfranchise voters. 
  • March 24: Read our analysis of racial disparities in prosecutions by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Election Integrity Unit.

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