Systemic Equality: Increase Access

To level the playing field so every Texan can achieve their highest potential, we must ensure access to the resources necessary to thrive.

  • Economic inequality and disaster response: Disasters and emergencies often expose stark social and financial inequities between Black and white Texans, which is why demanding equal opportunities for recovery is so important. In the wake of the 2021 winter storm blackouts, one of the most expensive weather emergencies in Texas history, we are working with coalition partners to highlight the racial wealth gaps and threats to housing security that follow large disasters. We are also pushing lawmakers to pass the Providing Ongoing Water and Energy Resources (POWER) to Texas Consumers Act, a bill that would issue direct payments to Texans affected by the weather emergency made worse by the state, especially in vulnerable communities.
  • Fighting for reproductive rights throughout Texas: Anti-abortion extremists would like to see abortion banned outright in Texas, and in order to do so, are attempting to chip away at people’s access to safe, reliable reproductive health care. Black people are especially vulnerable to these attacks as they are still three times more likely to die from pregnancy or during childbirth than white people. To drastically reduce health inequalities, racial justice and reproductive freedom must go hand in hand. 
  • Expanding broadband services: COVID-19 exacerbated broadband disparities in Texas, highlighting the importance of connectivity to fully engage in modern society, both in rural and urban communities. Roughly 15% of American households including one-third of all Black households do not have a broadband subscription, cutting them off from employment opportunities, education, health care, and other everyday needs. That’s why we support House Bill 5, legislation that expands broadband throughout Texas.