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Texas has one of the lowest voter-registration rates in the nation. Businesses who want to help with the registration of new voters can take steps to do so, so we've put together a list of helpful dos and don'ts.

What businesses CAN do:

  • Place voter-registration cards on your counter or in your establishment.
  • Post reminders of voter-registration deadlines and procedures.
  • Provide space for a Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR) to assist with the voter-registration process.
  • Post political advertisements.
  • Provide stamped envelopes for customers to submit completed voter registration forms.

What businesses SHOULD NOT do:

  • Do not offer customers “anything of value” in exchange for registering to vote, actually voting, or promising to do either.
  • Do not allow employees to collect, submit or mail completed voter-registration forms unless that employee is a trained VDR
  • Do not penalize employees for voting or for registering to vote.

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